A Letter To The Bride & Groom

Dear Bride & Groom,

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the planning of your wedding cakes. Creating "custom-designed" wedding cakes that are unique to the bride’s personality and choice of style requires great attention to detail. While the wedding cakes reflect the bridal couple’s choice of style, they are also a reflection of my professionalism and cake decorating ability as a cake artist. It is my goal to provide you with wedding cakes that are beautiful, delicious, and budget friendly.

Special handcrafted sugar artwork and designs may be incorporated into your wedding cake. Please feel free to let me know if there is something special you would like. Ingredient cost is basic in your cake, but time is a major factor. The more time involved in your special cake, the more costly it may be.


  • The retainer/booking fee for wedding and anniversary cakes is $100.00.
  • Checks for payment should be made payable to: Susie Jahn
  • The retainer/deposit is due upon booking the wedding date.
  • I do not hold wedding dates without a deposit.
  • We book on a first come, first serve basis.

If you intend to retain my services you must state your intent to do so within two weeks of the quote date to avoid disappointment.

Ex: If another client requests my services for the same date and pays their retainer first...I will book them first.

This retainer/deposit is applicable towards the balance on your invoice.

You will be provided with further information once your wedding cake file is complete.

Contacting me:

I can be reached @ (979) 224-5563. If I don’t answer, please leave a voicemail message and a number where you can be reached. Please leave a detailed message so that I can have the information that you are requesting when I return your call. Remember…if you call closer to the weekend, I may be busy baking and decorating wedding cakes. I try not to get diverted from my work by answering the phone. If you leave a detailed message, I will return your call. I also can be reached by e-mail @ susiejahn@hotmail.com

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel your wedding date, your retainer/deposit is non-refundable.

If you must cancel your wedding date, you may re-schedule your wedding within one (1) year of your original wedding date "if" I am free on that date. If I have no other bookings, we will apply your deposit to the cost of your cake invoice on the re-scheduled date. NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS!

Your retainer/booking fee may not be applied to another different cake order and is non-transferrable to a friend or another member of your family.

Returnable Items:

After the wedding, please return all of the pieces used in the assembling of your cake (metal, plastic, fabric, Styrofoam, boards, etc.)

As wedding cake stands, columns, dummies, equipment, etc. are so expensive, an additional deposit based on the items needed for your wedding MAY require a separate check for $100.00.

(If your caterer or venue/facility manager is in charge of the return of the cake stands, etc., the deposit may be waived if prior notice is agreed upon by both parties.)

The fee is to cover equipment that may be returned damaged, or not returned at all.

The retainer fee will be completely refunded when the wedding is over and all equipment is returned in good condition. You will be provided with a return list.

Please clean and dry the equipment and place in a box “or” bag carefully, so as not to break the items.

Cake Flowers:

You may have fresh, silk, or icing flowers placed on your wedding cakes. Gumpaste flowers are available. They are NOT EDIBLE. They are simply for decoration “or” embellishment. Your florist will be able to help you choose the appropriate foliage. If you are fresh flowers on your cake, the florist is responsible for the flowers and making sure that the flowers and foliage are safe to place on an edible cake. Some flowers and foliage are not safe to use. It is your responsibility to select wisely with the assistance of your florist. As the cake baker and decorator, I will not be responsible for your selection of flowers. If you want me to place the fresh flowers on the cake, you must tell the florist and myself. There will be an additional cost of $10.00 charged for the flower placement service if there are large quantities of flowers to be arranged on the cakes. If I am to place the flowers on the cake, they must be at the reception site upon delivery of the cakes.

Cake Servings:

A typical serving size is a 1” x 2” x height of the cake. (Approximately 4” for double layer & 3” for single – thickness layer) I will supply you with a serving chart to aid in the cutting process if you notify me in advance. If you have a question of the amount of servings your cake yields, it will be listed on your cake order that I provide for you. If you think you will need additional servings you may order additional sheet cakes. I have several sizes available at a minimal cost.

Styrofoam Dummies:

We use these to enhance the style of the cake and make the cake look larger and make a nicer presentation. You are responsible for notifying your cake servers which layers are Styrofoam layers. They are to be returned cleaned and dry.

Two Week Notice:

You will be contacted approximately two weeks prior to the wedding to go over the complete details regarding your cakes. I will send you an e-mail of the final order for your review. It is your responsibility to notify me if there are any changes regarding color, delivery, sizes, flavors, etc. “or” anything that is different than the original order. If there are “no changes”, I require a confirmation e-mail specifying that there are “no changes” “or” what changes there are, if any.

Modifications to the original design:

Upon delivery and set-up of your cakes, modifications may have to be made that deviate from the original cake design. An effort will be made to contact the bride “or” their contact person if unforeseen modifications are necessary. Problems that may occur could be:

  • Florist may not provide enough flowers and flowers may need to be placed differently than original design.
  • Table may not be large enough to hold cakes and different placement of cakes may be necessary.
  • Additional flowers may need to be placed in certain areas to hide an imperfection “or” blank area on the cake that needs coverage.
  • Flowers may not be the same color as colored icing on the cakes.

Delivery & Set-up:

You must provide me with a contact person’s name and phone number at the facility your reception is located. I must have written instructions to the location. It would also be helpful to have a website address if there is one available.

This information can be e-mailed to me in advance. I will need to know the earliest time that I may make the delivery on the date of your wedding. Please check with your coordinator at the facility before you book them to see if there is a time frame in which the cake has to be delivered. Many cake designs require more set-up time and some facilities allow only a short amount of time for set-up. This limits us to the time and detail that we normally take in the set-up process. Please have the cake table set up in anticipation of my delivery.

Please refrain from placing containers, trays, champagne glasses, buckets, plates, napkins, memorabilia, or any other items on the cake table until the cake set-up is complete. I don't want to accidentally damage any of these items while setting up your cakes.

The hall will need to be opened in advance to allow for the projected time of my delivery of the cakes.

Your First Anniversary Cake:

Your first anniversary cake (if you choose to save it and not serve it at your wedding) will be very tasty if you follow these instructions. A cake box to freeze your cake is not provided and you will need to make provisions for someone to prepare it for safekeeping. Remove the separator place by slipping a cake server between the separator plate and the cake. Lift it off of the separator plate and place it on a paper plate. Place the cake in an appropriate size box and slip the box in a plastic bag, removing as much air as possible. Cover this box with foil and place it in a slightly larger box insulated with plastic vegetable “or” grocery sacks and seal the box. Place it in another plastic bag, again removing as much air as possible. Tie it shut. Place it in the freezer in another slightly larger Tupperware-type (or comparable) container. When you are ready to eat your anniversary cake, remove the container from the freezer and let the cake thaw in the container with the aluminum and plastic still covering the box. Do not unwrap/open it until it is totally thawed. When the cake has time to thaw completely, remove the cake from the container/box, unwrap, and enjoy!

I look forward to making your wedding day special by providing you with beautiful, delicious wedding cakes. Thank you for booking your wedding cakes with us at Susie’s Cake Bakery.

Sweet Wishes,

Susie Jahn